रबि लामिछाने VS रबिन्द्र मिश्रको घम्साघम्सी | म राजनीतिमा गए तपाईको जस्तो हाल होला के गर्ने

Posted by Anup Baral | March 13, 2020 :
Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepali television presenter where as Rabindra Mishra is a Nepalese philanthropist, journalist, writer, poet, politician and the founder of global charity, Help Nepal Network, which has chapters in 14 countries and is run entirely by volunteers. He is the national co-ordinator of Sajha Party. He formerly worked as the editor-in-chief of BBC Nepali Service,and left the BBC in February 2017 to enter Nepalese politics. In this video rabi and rabindra mishra was taking about political parties.