सरिनले पुन्य र सर्मिलालाई जेल हाल्छु भनेपछि प्रहरी चौकी पुगेका पुन्य यसरि जङ्गिए || Punya Gautam

Posted by Anup Baral | March 22, 2020 :
One woman Sharin Tamang is married to another woman. Sharin was married to Devi Karki, a mother of one daughter, a few days ago. The news that Sharin, who has created an image of a social worker on social media, has married a woman like her, has made her fans angry.Sharin has a son and a daughter while Devi has a daughter. Their friend Junu Pun said that they are already married to their husband. After Sharin and Devi got married, both B, Rodh and Shubhakamana have been found on social media. Similarly, after Sharin came on Facebook Live and said goodbye to Punya Gautam, Punya Gautam has become tense. I was the only one together. I didn't say anything.