Each party has 5% foreign brokers: Narayan Man Bijukchhe

Posted by Anup Baral | March 04, 2020 :
In Interview Narayan man bijukchhe said that every party has 5percentage of foreign broker who work at nepal for nepali political parties. Yaksha Prashna is a televised interview with Himalaya Television every Sunday and Wednesday at 9 pm and with a special interest in contemporary issues. The presenter Rajendra Bania is a popular TV journalist,Yakshya Prashna with Rajendra Baniya in conversation with Naryanman Bijukche, Bijukchhe became a Central Committee member of Pushpa Lal Shrestha's Communist Party of Nepal. He was put in charge of the Bagmati, Narayani and Janakpur zone. He went against the leadership of Pushpa Lal Shrestha. narayan man Bijukchhe criticized the decision of Pushpa Lal and the party to support the Indian intervention in East Pakistan, the policy of seeking cooperation with Nepali Congress and the failure of the party to condemn the Soviet Union as imperialist. In 1975 he founded the Nepal Workers and Peasants Organisation (which later became the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party). The influence of the group remained largely confined to Bhaktapur, but in that area it became successful in mobilizing tenants and gaining influence inside panchayat institutions.