यसरी रमाउदै रामकुमारी झाँक्र

Posted by Anup Baral | March 17, 2020 :
Ram Kumari Jhankri is a fanatic youth leader. She has been the president of the All Nepal National Independent Students' Union (ANNISU) affiliated to the Communist Party of Nepal. She was born in 2034 BS as the daughter of Ratna Bahadur and Rankumari of Mayal Pokhari VDC-1 in Gulmi.She married Pashupati Babu Puri of Dhankuta district on January 12, 2008. Ramkumari biography "Women do not claim to be at the leadership level of any organization, even if they do, they cannot work," said Ram Kumari Jhankri before she became the president of the UML student organization ANNISU.In the history of Nepali politics, she had never met a woman who held a key position in a political organization (other than the women's department). Coming from all directions, she bravely made history in Nepali politics by embracing the topic of Nobel laureate.She became the president of the most militant student organization among the fraternal organizations of the parties. Not only that, she made the organization she led the first organization in the 2065 SWA election. In the year 2062/06, Ram Kumari Jhankri took to the streets leading a young student. Twice he was hit in the head.The process of speeding up and leaving became normal from the time the king took direct rule until the people's movement was successful. However, Ram Kumari never left the front of the movement. The ring road siege, which was one of the successful movements at that time, was designed by Ram Kumari. After the direct rule was taken over by the king in 2059 BS, there were no protest programs on the PK campus. And, it would have been led by Ram Kumari.