अभियानता शरिन बिहेपछि पहिलोपटक मिडियामा|नेपालमा आमाआमा बिहे गर्ने पहिलो जोडि

Posted by Anup Baral | March 18, 2020 :
One woman, Sharin Khuwa Tamang, is married to another woman. Sharin tied the knot with Devi Karki, a mother of one daughter, on Saturday. The news that Sharin, who has created an image of a social worker on social media, has married a woman like her has shocked her fans, while there is widespread discussion on Facebook.Junu Pun, who is close to Sharin, has posted a picture of Sharin and Devi getting married on social media. Sharin has a son and a daughter and Devi has a daughter. However, Junu Pun said that both of them are already divorced from their husbands. Junu Pun was also invited to Sharin and Devi's wedding.I was also called, I had to take alcohol, 'said Junu,' but I could not go without feeling well. Sharin, who hails from Dharan, had been living in Israel. She used to come to Facebook Live on social issues from time to time and even provide financial support to those in need.According to Junu Pun, she has been living in Kathmandu for a year now. Her daughter is in Germany, and her son is with her. Devi's daughter is also with her. Devi's parents have gladly accepted her marriage. According to Junu Pun, her parents blessed her with a happy marriage.