पुरा भयो सुन्दरी माताको सपना, माताले खेलिन् म्युजिक भिडियो, प्रकाश चन्द र जिबेश गुरुङले पाए शक्ति

Posted by Anup Baral | March 07, 2020 :
Dang Tulsipur 9 Beluwa, she is as beautiful as a heroine. Rojna Khadka is now known as a beautiful mother of Nepal. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. She became a mother after God entered her in class 10. Every day many people come from far and wide to visit their planet Dasa, whether they are sick or with their mother. Many people still have to wait in line at the mother house to look at her hand, as it is in harmony with their language after seeing the planetary state. Before Rozana became a mother, she wanted to be a good dancer. Rojna mother said that one day she will become a dancer and will continue her studies. When talking about marriage, she said that one should have devotion to God, no one can stop one from getting married, one can get married. And the age eligible for her marriage is 23/24 years.