Bhadragol || भद्रगोल || || Ep.-282 || || Nepali || Media Hub channel

Posted by Anup Baral | March 13, 2020 :
Bhadragol, a comedy series portrays the worrisome, yet ecstatic lifestyle of the people living in the rural parts of Nepal. It is a show led by artists who have years of experience and are respected in the community. It has successfully become the apple of the eyes of thousands, if not millions of Nepalese. Episodes of Bhadragol include real stories of people, which are perfectly blended with humour and are made to provide people with some sort of message. The popular show airs every Friday at 8: 45 pm on Nepal Television and at 9:30 pm on Media Hub’s YouTube channel. Production: Media Hub Pvt. Ltd. Production Advisor: Som Dhital Writer/Director: Shankar Acharya Editors: Rabin Bhatta / Ashok Chaudhary Camera: Rahul Rai Creative Team: Raju Bhujel / Ganesh Acchami Production Management: Arjun Timelsina Makeup: Ganesh Acchami Music: Rajendra Shrestha Singer: Rajesh Payal Rai Artists: Laxmi Giri, Shankar Acharya, Mukund Thapa, Madav Acharya, Yadav Devkota, Raju Bhujel, Dipika Thapa, Susmita Mudbhari, Indrajit Chaulagai, Jit Kumar Chaulagai, Deepika Dahal, Gokul Subedi, Ganesh Achhami, Arjun Timilsina, rakshya chalise, and many more. © Media Hub Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Do not try to copy our contents without our permission. #bhadragol282​ #bhadragol​ #comedyvideo​ #mediahub​ #bhadragolThisWeek​ #Vadragol​ #bhadragolNewEpisode​ #nepaliComedy​ #shankarAcharya​ #Baristhe​ #Saraape​ #Pashupatinath​ #Hanuman​ #Nepali