Extreme Off-road ride in Pulsar 180🔥We got an accident

Posted by Anup Baral | September 30, 2020 :
Hello Friends, This my first attempt to make the vlog video!!! Hope that you will love and give full support in this video as previously!!! I've tried my best to make this video best!! I've given my 100% in this video to make the best video!!! Especially, today I'm here to announce all of my Youtube Family that I'm planning to open a new youtube channel related to the vlog videos like this! So, I'm only here to take all of your feedback that should I open the new vlogging channel or not!!! If you think that I should start the vlogging channel as well, you can comment me below with the unique vlogging channel name!! Or you can simply comment that I shouldn't!!! thanks to all of my youtube family!!!!!