Protest Conducted by Grade XI/XII Students in Chitwan Demanding the Cancellation of NEB

Posted by Anup Baral | August 03 , 2020 :
Grade XI Student from Chitwan. This video was shot in Chaubiskothi, Chitwan while students from all over the city were protesting against the corrupt Education System of Nepal. In these hard times, everyone is scared of COVID-19, everyone has a fear that they may contract the virus. But the Government Officials who stay at luxury hotels with full security makes us give exam forcibly. Around 1-2months ago, the same Government notifies that exams of Grade XI will no longer be taken in this pandemic situation; the result of Grade XI will be published according to Internal Assessment however, the Exam of Grade XII was said to be conducted once the situation is under control. It had been 3Months of lockdown, every student was in a state of fear and misery. We even forgot what we studied. and boom! the Government announces the Internal Evaluation thing and we were overwhelmed by the decision. We had already started studying Grade XII Course and Entrance related questions. Some students sold their books and copies whereas some gave it to the junior ones. There was no sign of EXAM of Grade XI at that time. Every student of Grade XI was no longer tensed and was getting back to normal life. In fact, we were more concerned about our further grade 12th study. We participated in the online classes and had completely given our attention to it. Then there comes the day when the Educational Bodies said that exams will be taken. Amid the pandemic situation, they want us to give the exam. Which Countries Government does this? The Government is risking the lives of thousands of students who are the "Father of the Nation" (as they taught us). You can't even imagine what kind of mental pressure and trauma we are facing right now. Firstly, the mental pressure and secondly, we also can't ignore the fact of the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases at the community level. We are not running from the exam that we had been giving since the nursery, but the current situation should be analyzed properly. We surely can't prepare as well as give exams in this panic and pandemic situation. Why it felt so necessary to take an examination that is not even added to the final transcript after a whole one and half month gap. Isn't it ironic, we always talk about concepts and knowledge but at last we end up giving exams by rating only. So, in conclusion, we the students of grade-11, humbly request the college committee to redecide and cancel the exams and feel the pain of your own students.