Map Of Nepal | Call Kantipur - 19 May 2020

Posted by Anup Baral | May 19 , 2020 :
Map Of Nepal | Call Kantipur - 19 May 2020 In today's episode of Call Kantipur, our presenters are asking talking about the map of Nepal that is being circulated in the social media. About Call Kantipur : Launched 15 years ago, on Kantipur TV HD, Call Kantipur is one of the most popular callin TV shows in Nepal. Call Kantipur airs in Kantipur TV HD everyday at 5:00pm. Hosted by Shrijal Rupakheti, Neelam Chand, Suzita Shrestha, Call Kantipur discusses about youth-oriented issues in a vivacious pattern. The surprise guests and the unexpected activities are the USP of Call Kantipur.